About us

The Sea Pets story

We are 100 percent British owned and operated pet business. We have grown from our humble beginnings on the outskirts of London to who we are today.

Our story starts in the year 1998 when two brothers David and John decided to start a dog supplies store in downtown London after resigning from crypto trading at +500. David is a veterinary doctor while John was an animal handler. However, as the years went by there was increased demand for supplies for new types of pets. This made them continue increasing their supplies and bringing new types of pet items. Over the years, we have built the business on family values and a deep passion for pets. This is the main reason why we have flourished in the marketplace.

Sea Pets are experts on pets and animal care. We hire expert teams in all areas of operations. In addition, we continue to train our staff members according to the market needs. Therefore, we guarantee that you will receive the best service for any other needs that you might have.

We know when you purchase a cat, dog, lizard or a snake, you are not shopping for an animal, you are shopping for a buddy, a companion and a friend. We would like the new family member to fit in your lifestyle and make your life worthwhile. This is the reason why we work tirelessly to bring you the very best products and services.

We provide the good, old-fashioned customer service. You do not talk to machines. Instead, you are met with smiles and a chat. We treat pets and their owners as part of our family, something that is hard to find in these days.

Here are our values and ideals.

Openness and genuineness

Integrity is the foundation for all our business activities. We speak the truth even in cases where it may not result in a business deal. Our love to pets helps us put ourselves in shoes of pet owners and understand what they may be going through or what is needed by the pets. We also work with the principle of giving everyone a fair deal and therefore do not short-change anybody in the process.

Passion and fun

Passion is the driving force that keeps us going when the times are hard. We believe in what we do and strive to get better results. Moreover, we believe that having pets bring about fun, laughter and joy. We reflect that in our daily activities where we drive joy from serving customers and their pets. The joy has helped lower sick leaves, and our working places and enabled workers live healthy lives.

We personalise our services to every client

We acknowledge that each of our customers is unique and no two needs are the same. Therefore, we take time to understand the needs of our clients. We like to listen to stories behind the issues to deliver the best solutions to each need. This philosophy is also applied to our pet training programs where each pet is handled individually and helped as per its abilities. No wonder we have over 90 percent success rate in training pets with the first attempt.

We get our hands dirty

We are not afraid of getting dirty our hands to get the work done. We face our challenges with confidence and passion that they deserve. We believe that all solutions are available if we just stretch before the comfort zone. If you have a peculiar need or fail to find a product that serves you well contact us and tell us the need. We will look for a solution from our partners and elsewhere to keep you and your pet happy. Let us help you with the hard work so that you do not have to strain.