Our Vision

Our products

Our online store prides itself on a massive selection of pet products and services for just any type of pets. We have searched far and wide for quality pet products manufacturers, breeders and service companies making us a one-stop shop for all your pet needs.

We have a physical store in downtown London with the address provided below. You can walk in and see what we have to offer. However, If you do not have the time, you can make purchases online. We deliver products worth £50 and above to our inland customers in UK and Ireland.

Shop by brands

Do you like a given brand for its reliability, durability or quality? You can shop for your products using their brand names on our website. Just put the name of the brand in the search box, and all the products that bear the brand name will show up. Moreover, in every category, there are leading brand names on the left border. It is that easy and fast.

Shop by categories

We have products for each type of pet. We have categorised the products into sections to make it easier for you to find the products that cover your need. For example, under the dogs section, we have categories such as dog beddings, dog food, dog clothing, dog services, toys and treats. We have similar categories for each of the pet products. Get straight to the particular product that you need and browse through our offers for the said product.

Books and gifts

Our products are not only meant for the pets; we have a category for owners and handlers. If you are new to raising a given pet, we strongly advise you to pick a book on the said pet. The books contain all the information regarding the said pet, its physiology, habits, natural habitats and how to handle it at home. Moreover, the book has information on common disease symptoms and treatments you can administer at home. Finally, it gives you tips on staying safe with the pets, ways to calm the pet and what to do should the bet get agitated and aggressive.

Our section on gifts provides suggestions and products you can buy for your pets during the festive seasons or any other celebrations. The way you treat your pets affects their temperament, behaviour and general health. Gifts and treats are one way you can keep them happy. We also have small gifts for children such as small aquariums, pet cages and kits for the young ones. Spread the love, give your pests and kids a pleasant surprise.

How to locate the right product from our catalogue

We do not want you to return the product for not serving the purpose. We believe that you hate that too. When purchasing products, evaluate your need such as the size of the pet, the space available and your budget. Use the search box to search specific characteristics that you may be looking for in the products. You will get the specific result in no time. If you cannot locate the products that you need, please drop a line, and we will look for it and communicate to you.

Warranty and guarantee

Our pet products have varying warranty periods and guarantees. We provide these terms for every product on the online store. Check the warranty terms before carting out to find if they work for you. We take all steps to ensure that you get quality products that would not get broken the next day. However, if there are broken or damaged products, we would be glad to replace them at no extra cost.