Are you ready to bring home a new member of the family? Do you want a fun companion to warm your home? We definitely have a pet for you in our stores. is your one-stop shop for various pet animals that can live with you at home. Our pets are bred and raised by certified and reputable breeders across the country. They are well socialised and trained to live with others of the same kind and human beings. You will have an easy time creating a relationship with the pets and getting along together.

We are aware of the existence of unscrupulous breeders in the marketplace who breed animals for profit. Such animals are malnourished, live in dirty and crowded places, and many of them are affected by pests and diseases. We visit the breeders from whom we source our animals to ascertain that the animals are living in good condition and that the breeding standards are adhered to.

Here are some common pets that you will find on our online store:


Dogs are popular pets in the UK. They are great indoor and outdoor companions. We have a wide selection of pedigree dog breeds from which you can select your preferred one. We have both pure breeds and cross-breeds. Some of the common breeds include Labrador Retiever, Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Springer Spaniel and the boxer among others. You can buy any of the breeds as puppies or slightly bigger dogs that are easier to maintain.


The soft, smooth furred pet is also a darling in many homes. It is calm and composed but can also be playful and loving. With hundreds of cat breeds on the market, we provide a selection of the most popular UK cats and breeds from around the world. They come in all sizes, furs, colours and temperaments. The common breeds include the Bengal cat, the British Shorthair cat, the Persian Cat, the Ragdoll cat, the Siamese cat, the Maine Coon and the Spynx cat among others.


Aquariums are great centrepieces at home or in the office, but they can only fit the name with colourful fish in them. We supply a wide selection of both the aquariums and the fish. There are over a hundred breeds in our stores, each with different characteristics and sizes. The common fish breeds include the goldfish, Molly, Angelfish, neon tetra, Koi carp, sturgeon, Malawi Cichlid, Cherry Barb and the Zebra Danio among others. We advise on the best conditions for each fish species that we supply you.


Reptiles are some of the first animals that walked on earth. You can keep some types of reptiles as exotic pets at home. Some of the reptiles available in the store include bearded dragons, leopard geckos, turtles, ball pythons and corn snakes. We will teach you on ways to take care of these exotic pets before sending them to you. If you would like to have something fascinating as a pet, consider a reptile.


Birds are beautiful and in many cases easy to care. Rather than have a sculpture of your favourite bird at home, you can pick the bird and rear it as a pet. You can keep some breeds in flocks in an aviary while for other breeds, one or two birds is enough. Some of the pet birds in our store includes parrot breeds, budgies or parakeets, cockatiels, canaries, finches, lovebirds and Africa greys among others.

Small pets

If you love the small animals like the rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs, you can choose from our collection in the pet store. All our small animals are well cared and live in the best conditions. We will also teach you how to take care of each type of the animals and the requirements for easy care.

We believe that you can get your preferred pet from our stores. We do our best to maintain all the records for all our pets to make it easy for you to take care of them. We are also available for advice after you have purchased the preferred pet.