Not only do we sell the pets and their supplies, but we also help you keep your pets in good health. We recognise that you might not have handled similar pets in the past and may not have enough information on ways to take care of the pets. Moreover, most of the conditions are ailments require special veterinary attention. We have veterinary services for all our pets including advice and medicine that you can buy in our shop. We have animal experts that are available to diagnose and treat a variety of ailments, conditions and behavioural problems. Here are some of the services.

1. Vaccination

All our pets are vaccinated against popular ailments that affect each of the species. In case of an outbreak of an ailment in the country, we ensure that all the animals under our care are vaccinated. We do this to ensure that you pick a pet that is disease free and healthy.We may advise about other vaccinations that you can get from your local veterinary services provider. Where such services are not available, more so the exotic pets, we can do the vaccination at a cost.

2. Microchipping

Today’s technology allows for easy tracking of your pets wherever they go around the world. Our microchipping technology involves inserting a microchip under the skin of your pets to enable tracking via your mobile phone. It is a versatile and effective method to keep your pets safe indoors and outdoors. Contact us for the pricing of this product.

3. Pet clinic

Many of the symptoms require tests for effective diagnosis. A mere mention of physical symptoms may not provide adequate information required to make a conclusive decision on the treatment plan. We have a pet clinic at our offices in London and Glasgow to diagnose ailments in all types of pets. Our clinical services are affordably priced to enable any pet owner to benefit from them. This service is available to all pet owners whether they bought the pets in our stores or elsewhere.

4. Pet training

Every pet has its animal instinct that should be controlled to enable the animal to live in harmony with its owners. The instincts of fear, aggression search for its natural habitat are regulated by socialisation and training. Many pets such as cats, dogs and parrots can learn to obey with parrots learning the speech which not only makes it easy to handle the animals but also fun to stay with them. We prefer training the pets at an early age as they are receptive to instructions. Contact us for more information about training specific species of pets.

5. Aquarium water testing

Some fish species live in freshwater while others thrive in salty water. The water PH also affects the welfare of your fish. If you buy the fish and the aquarium from us we will put everything that is needed for the fish and test the water to ensure it is ideal for the fish you buy. There are fish species that cannot stay in the same aquarium together as they thrive in different types of water. This information will be provided at the point of purchase.

6. Handlers training

We hold field days and free training on ways to handle different types of pests from time to time. We equip our customers with skills to handle pets in such a way that they are safe, easy to handle and remain healthy. In the workshop, we train everything from feeding, playing, bedding and ideal living conditions. We partner with leading pet brands and breeders for the workshop. Keep checking our website for a workshop in a town near you.